The future of lighting is here today. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting provides better light quality, substantial cost savings in energy consumption, and dramatically reduced maintenance requirements. There are many products available to replace any form of traditional lighting you are using today. There are many misconceptions with LED lighting and some of them were true. Now, however, the technology has improved immensely, the costs have come down greatly, and the time to take advantage of these cost savings is now. When you decide to make the switch to LEDs, Light Energy Development (LED) will be there to support you through the entire process. WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS

Why should you make the switch?

The LED Difference:

  • Cost effective
    • 30-80% energy savings
    • Lower heat production reduces air conditioning costs
    • Long life reduces replacement costs (bulbs and labor)
  • Light quality
    • Better color rendering index than fluorescents
    • Instant on, no flicker, no humming
    • LED lighting is easier on the eyes
  • Easy to install
    • Impact and vibration resistant
    • Retrofit existing fixtures or replace with new fixtures
    • No ballasts required
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Do not contain mercury or lead




Saving the Planet, One Bulb at a Time:

  • Incandescents and halogens waste 85-90% of electricity producing heat, not light, making them very inefficient
  • Fluorescents (including compact fluorescents) are made with toxic gases and mercury, requiring specialized (and expensive) disposal or recycling
  • 1 kWh of power production results in 1.244 pounds of CO2 emissions
  • LED’s combination of long life and low energy use reduces carbon footprint by as much as 10X
  • In 1996, e.g., Denver replaced 20,500 traffic signals with LEDs, saving 5,300 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year


Maintenance Savings:

  • Longer LED lifetime results in reduced replacement and maintenance cost (50,000 to 150,000 hours of life)
  • LED life cycle is 50x that of incandescent, 25x of halogen, 5x of compact fluorescent
  • LED does not require ballasts, thus fewer “parts” to break and maintain
  • Longer life = fewer replacements = less labor = lower costs
  • Fewer light changes, fewer ladder accidents



Common Myths:

  • LEDs put out a blue colored light
    • This was true in the beginning, but the technology has advanced to the point of multiple choices. You can now get a warm colored white like you are used to in your home or more of a bright white similar to sunlight.
  • LEDs won’t be as bright
    • The greatest advantage to LEDs is their ability to put out more light (lumens) while using less energy (watts).  So with LEDs you can achieve the same brightness or greater than what you currently have.
  • LEDs are too expensive
    • LEDs are more expensive when comparing the price tag of traditional bulbs, but look at it 5 years down the road. One LED bulb will still be working while you have switched out 10+ traditional bulbs in the same time frame and don’t forget about the money you’ve saved on your power bill because LEDs consume less energy; LEDs pay for themselves.


Real Life Benefits to making the LED switch:


  • No more annoying humming sound from the fixtures
  • No more flickering of light
  • No more “grilling” effect from the heat of traditional bulbs
  • No more feeling sleepy at your desk (unless it’s Friday)
  • No more sitting in the dark because of burnt out bulbs


  • No more bugs (dead or alive) surrounding the fixtures
  • No more feeling unsafe walking to your car at night
  • No more frequent need for ladders or scissor lifts for maintenance


The advantages are endless. The time is now. MAKE THE SWITCH. Call us for more information.


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