Who We Are

Lewis Young Robertson and Burningham (“LYRB”), the principles of which are the driving force behind Light Energy Development, is an independent, unbiased, and transparent client advocate, that is an experienced, highly respected, and long tenured local government financial advisory and consulting firm dedicated to delivering creative, concise, high quality, and value-added solutions to its Clients.


The Service We Provide

LYRB provides to its clients:

  • First – An energy conservation and environmentally friendly – community value based and legislatively adopted policy.
  • Second – A written sustainable energy management and environmentally friendly plan that serves as the primary decision making template for the Client to follow prior to initiating Energy Conservation Measures.
  • Third – Analysis of alternatives for Energy Conservation Measures along with an implementation plan.
  • Fourth – Ongoing review, monitoring, and validation of Performance Efficiency Agreements and/or Energy Conservation Measures initiated by the political subdivision.

By providing these professional services to its Clients, LYRB serves as the Client’s independent, unbiased and transparent “Comprehensive Energy Consultant and Manager.”


How Clients Benefit From Our Services

When the Client engages us as their Comprehensive Energy Consultant and Manager, the Client is assured that we sit on their side of the table. As fiduciaries, we place our Client’s interest first and foremost, and partner with them to develop long-term, comprehensive, and sustainable financial and energy plans that will guide the Client in making the most effective, economical, independent, and beneficial decisions possible. WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS



  • Sustainable Energy Management Plans
  • Conduct Financial Analyses for Available Energy Resources
  • Manage Technical Support
  • Assist in Implementation
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Verification
  • There are many different brands, styles, and options to choose from. Consult with us. Use our expertise and product knowledge to filter through all the choices and find what is right for your situation.
  • You have the buying power. We’ll help you bid out the product and ensure you get what you pay for.
  • Remember our extensive financial advisory background? We have creative financing options that will work for municipalities. Budgets are tight, but the needs are still there. Retrofitting your facilities with LED lighting, for example, will reduce your utility costs through energy savings alone. This will free up money for other needs throughout the local government entity.