Energy Audits. LED Lighting. Consulting. Financing. Saving Money on Your Power Bills. Green Energy. Rebates. Financial Transaction. Commercial Businesses. Municipalities. Just a few words and phrases to describe how we can help you.

Light Energy Development’s website is live!  We’ve been working hard to get to this point.  We hope you like what you see and that you’ll contact us soon.  WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS

LED Lighting

The LED products in the market right now are of high quality.  Anything you currently have in place right now can be changed to LED and you will see the same amount and quality of light or better.  The energy savings alone from making the switch will cover the cost of the lights in an average of two years time.  On top of that, Rocky Mountain Power is offering huge rebates which only sweeten the deal.

We want everyone to know that we are not light salesmen even though we do sell lights.  We believe our approach is completely unique and focused clearly on doing what is best for our clients.  We look at the sale of LED lighting as a financial transaction.  It’s an investment a company can make to reduce their operating costs which will help them make other capital improvements, be more competitive in their own markets, and save the environment.

How can we help you?

In a nut shell, we go to businesses and do energy audits.  This is a free service.  This gives us the information we need to produce a comprehensive financial analysis of the project.  We’ll then discuss this information with the business owner, the CEO, the CFO, the property manager; anyone who can make the financial decision.  We will then facilitate the entire project.  We don’t install, but we have great relationships with qualified, licensed electricians.  If there are eligible rebates, we will take care of all of the paper work and maximize the amount.  We will be there from start to finish.

Also,  if the business doesn’t have the funds for the lights, we have developed a number of loan programs which are structured to pay the debt through the amount saved on their energy bills. Our catch phrase is “WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS” and we really believe that we do.

LED lighting, in some cases, can reduce energy consumption by 80%

We’ve done a lot of work with apartment complexes, banks, we just finished up six McDonald’s locations (3300 South Main St., 210 West 500 South, 3890 South 1110 East, 1879 East 4890 South, 2064 South 300 West, and 1533 South State St. Interior and Exterior), and other commercial properties.  Basically anyone who has lights on longer than 8 hours can benefit from LED lights.

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